Candy Cane Lane – Clean, Cool, white mint.  Nothing says Christmas like the smell of peppermint and this scent truly captures this fresh scent.

Christmas Cabin – A striking, warm cinnamon fragrance with complimentary spicy, rich clove bud.  This scent will bring all the scents of Christmas morning.

Christmas Tree Farm – A fresh breath of mountain air.  That amazing scent of a fresh cut Christmas tree just after it’s been decorated, and you have only the lights on the tree setting the mood of the room while snow lightly falls outside.

Top: Citrus, Forest Air
Mid: Douglas Fir, Cedarwood, Pine
Base: Balsam, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Frankincense & Myrrh – Christmas eve mass all wrapped up in a candle.  This is a subtle but very pleasing scent that honestly could be used all year round.  With notes of charred wood, smoldering incense and amber with base of spruce.

North Pole – Cool mint with velvet milk chocolate.  Two scents that together are just amazing with just a touch of vanilla and honey.   The scent is fresh with a touch of sweetness.  Could easily be mistaken for the smell of peppermint bark. 

Santa’s Workshop – The scents of cherry pipe with a hint of cedar wood shavings.  Just brings the magic of the Christmas spirit into your home.   For me I can close my eyes and use my nose to smell the workshop in full swing with scents of cedar and cherry wood as toys are made by hand.